Venus Factor

It is true that women are bombarded by the term perfect figure right, left and center and at the turn of every corner. Whether on advertisement billboards, televisions, and internet or in magazines, the perfect figure has become a norm that modern society uses to judge women depending on their physical outlook. Even though it is not a bad idea for ladies to have the so-called perfect figure, it is crucial to note that this figure do not come easily. Gaining a perfect physique or the perfect figure that is positively accepted in the society may require the involvement of a host of different methods and programs. In this regards, one of the most popular programs used to this effect is known as Venus Factor. In simple terms, Venus Factor is a diet that is combined with a body program, which aims on delivering an ideal female physique using some of the most pleasing and enjoyable dimensions.
To be precise, Venus Factor is a weight loss program that was created by John Barban with the main aim of offering incisive guidelines on better ways to naturally lose weight. Barban involved the use of a golden mean ratio in this program to act as the main measurement of the perfect female figure, ultimately known as the Venus index. It is claimed that this program is much more than a weight loss program as it goes further than that. With many feedback coming from ladies who have used it, here is a closer look at whether it live to its high billings.
Venus Factor Program Components
Known to be offering natural solutions to women who are interested in losing weight, Venus Factor has four main components that consist of; a PDF manual, an exercise plan, a virtual nutritionist and an online forum.
The Manual PDF- It contains a detailed explanation of the program, step by step instructions and diet guidelines.
Exercise Plan- This is the combination of a customized 12-week program, which can either be performed at home or at a health fitness gym. This comes with complete sets of videos that are well detailed on how the exercises should be performed.
Virtual Nutritionist- This is a highly efficient software application that comes with a proper customized diet regimen, which is ultimately based on the information you provide about yourself during application.
Online Forum- This provides a platform where users of Venus Factor can connect with one another and share tips and experience. It is also important for asking questions, as well as accessing blogs related to weight loss and such experiences.
Apart from the fact that Venus Factor is structured to help women with weight loss, it is easy to use and follow. The guidelines that are found on the manual PDF are thoroughly explained and easy to understand. The videos and demonstrations that are found in the program make it fun and enjoyable to use whether at home or at the gym. Similarly, the involvement of a virtual nutritionist, which is structured in a customized way to show you or give you proper guidelines on your diet regimen depending on your weight and the information you submitted during application for the Venus Factor program. This diet regimen is structured not only around healthy dishes, but tasty ones too.
Using Venus Factor will remove the ultimate need of going to the gym, as it is not a must and you can just follow the exercise plan within the comfort of your home. There will be no need to purchase expensive training equipment, but to follow easy and enjoyable training exercises that are well demonstrated in the exercise plan.
Another obvious advantage of the Venus Factor program is the fact that it is a modernized weight loss program that is not based on traditional militant calories counting and other over-the-bar training regimes that are tiring and boring to apply on your daily schedule. It is easy to use, straight to the point, can be fixed in a tight daily schedule, enjoyable to follow, as well as providing a platform of connecting with like-minded women in sharing tips and experience as far as weight loss is concerned.
One of the drawbacks of using Venus Factor is the fact that it can be slightly ineffective when the user is not disciplined enough to follow the plan as provided. The fact that it does not have any great idea about how to change diet is a disadvantage that makes it to be considered as an ordinary scam. Again, it is suited for sculpting the perfect figure and not losing a few pounds of weight.

It can be boldly noted that Venus Factor is an efficiently structured program that helps women with their weight loss, while becoming effective in sculpting the perfect figure that most women are craving for. Its incisive and easy to use nature makes it a perfect tool even for beginners who are serious about losing weight and gaining the ideal figure, but only when used properly and the instructions followed carefully.

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